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Soil Sampling & Soil Penetration Test (SPT)

We provide many options to meet your needs with soil sampling and soil penetration testing (SPT), call us to talk through your unique requirements, we will be able to help.

Geotech Coring

We supply the full coring system and all components. Predominantly for Geotech the system would be run with 1.5m rods and sample lengths. A variety of bits, nozzles and catchers are available to suit specialised requirements.

SPT Tools and Accessories

We provide Acker SPT systems and components for in-situ dynamic penetration testing. The unique interlocking design of the Acker split provides additional strength and ease of use.

Thin Wall Samplers (Shelby Tubes)

Thin walled samplers are designed to take undisturbed samples in cohesive type soils and clays. The thin steel tube may be removed from the sampler to be used as a container to transport the sample minimising disturbance, preserving moisture and reducing delays in the sampling procedure. The sampler is available in steel, galvanised or brass and in varying lengths.

Pitcher Sampler

The Pitcher Sampler is designed specifically to recover accurate samples from formations that are too hard for thin-wall shelby samplers or too brittle, soft or water-sensitive to permit satisfactory recovery by conventional core barrel type samplers. Several years of successful application in virtually every type of challenging formation prove that Pitcher sampler saves time, money and insures exceptional accuracy.

Gus Sampler

The GUS air or hydraulic (water) piston sampler provides a simple and reliable means to take consistent undisturbed samples in most conditions. This unique, air or hydraulic piston sampler was designed and test proven in the drilling field for many years. The design allows the sampler to be classed as a truly undisturbed piston sampler producing high production sampling.

SPT Catchers

We stock a range of plastic and steel options for SPT catchers