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Ridgid LogoRidgid Heavy Duty Stilsons Wrench

If you need a heavy duty Stilsons pipe wrench you wont find better than Ridgid's range. Sturdy, cast-iron housing and I-beam handle with full floating forged hook jaw, self-cleaning threads with replaceable hook and heel jaws, and a full lifetime warranty on workmanship and tool materials

Ridgid Offset Wrench

The Ridgid offset wrench has a jaw opening parallel to the handle and a narrower hook jaw head providing easy entry into tight spots.

Ridigd offset wrench

Aluminium Pipe Wrenches

Aluminium pipe wrenches are nearly 40% lighter aluminium-pipe-wrenchthan comparable cast-iron models of the same size.


Heavy Duty Chain Wrench


The Heavy Duty Chain wrench has double fast jaw that enables fast, ratchet-like action in either direction and replaceable alloy steel jaws.


Need Ridgid Stilsons Wrench Parts?


We supply all parts and spares: hook, heels, chains, heel jaws, nuts and pins.

Stilson Pipe Wrench parts