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Pipe Tools, Rig Jaws, Pipe Tongs & Spanners 

We stock a range of pipe tools, pipe tongs, rig jaws and supporting parts from Suppliers who set the industry standard. Our Best-in-class brands offer a selection of pipe tools that promise quality longevity and versatility through their practical and robust designs.

Rig Jaws

We stock quality tungsten jaws for all rigs. Our jaw inserts are manufactured with American oilfield grade tungsten, a range of sizes and configurations are available.

 Gearench Petol Drill Pipe Tongs

Petol Drill Pipe Tongs are designed for making up and breaking out drill pipe, casing, and pneumatic drills on light rigs. Handles range from 8" to 36" and range from 1" up to 14" pipe OD. Four different head types and varying chains cover the size range.

Rapspan Spanners

Tried and Driller tested, the Rapspan Spanner allows you to safely, quickly and easily break pipe joints. While suitable for hand or hydraulic operation, these spanners are amazingly lightweight given their extremely high torque rating. They are also infinitely adjustable within the specified size range, and can be ratcheted to manually continue disassembling the joint, or locked on the job using an adjuster nut allowing you to fit a second spanner. Constructed from drop forged high grade tool steel with economical replaceable teeth, the Rapspan Spanner has a lifetime guarantee on the tool body.