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Melfred Borzall

Since 1946, when Fred Melsheimer introduced the first commercial horizontal drilling system to the public, HDD contractors have trusted Melfred Borzall tools for versatile selection, dependable quality and outstanding value. Melfred Borzall's HDD tools continue to lead the industry with quality construction, productive designs and value pricing.

Blick Industrial stock everything below the rig to suit Vermeer®, DitchWitch® and Astec®/Case® machines. For larger projects, Melfred Borzall can customise tooling to suit your requirements and their experienced staff provide a wealth of on-the-job knowledge that enables them to suggest the correct tooling. Copies of the Melfred Borzall catalogue are available, just call us and we can send you out a copy. To this day their engineers keep pushing and expanding all the boundaries of HDD tool development for the highest standards of quality and performance.

Website: www.melfredborzall.com