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Inflatable Packers

We have access to inflatable packer technology to support a wide range of applications, including conventional and unconventional oil and gas, mining, geothermal, water resources , grouting , coal seam and geotechnical exploration. The range for coal seam gas, geothermal and oilfield is extensive and can be customised to suit your specific application, please give us a call to chat through these options.

Geopro Bimbar Packers

Geopro Bimbar inflatable packers are frequently used for grout injection and other geotechnical applications for structural reinforcement and/or water sealing of deep foundations, tunnels, dams and mines. Thanks to their modular design, Geopro packers offer reliable and easy operation. Inflatable elements can be replaced in the field and single packers are easily transformed into double packers .

Geopro supplies a complete range of inflatable packers in nine different diameters from 28 mm up to 170mm. All Geopro packers are made of BIMBAR rubber technology and are reinforced with two layers of steel cables embedded into the natural rubber.

Tube à Manchette

Geopro ZI double packers are specifically designed for tube à manchette grouting use: the injection zone remains constant regardless of the "tube à manchette". The bottom element of the packer is flexible making it easy to introduce into and retrieve from the tube à manchette. The choice of packer to use is dependent on the internal diameter of the tube à manchette as shown in the diagram to the right. For the double packers 56mm to 170mm in diameter, some applications may require a longer extension. An EK extension kit is available to facilitate extension between the two inflatable elements.

QSP Gas Wireline Packers

The QSP wireline packer provides a cost effective and timesaving method for conducting permeability testing during core drilling in shallow formations. Testing can also be carried out with the drill string in place, reducing the time required to test in open or unstable formations. Available for all makes of wireline core barrels, and if required, easily repaired in the field in just minutes.

IPI Water Inflated Wireline Packers - SWiPS®

IPI's SWiPS®through-the-bit wire line hydraulic packer system is now the world leader for permeability testing in deep and demanding core holes. Using only water for inflation and not requiring a fixed wireline, IPI's SWiPS® simplifies the drilling operation by eliminating the need for separate or dedicated equipment. Water enables higher pressure ratings and therefore greater depth capability, and a more positive and reliable seal than gas alternatives. Available as standard for “P”, “H” and “N” sizes, in modular single / straddle formats. Compact and simple, SWiPS® makes testing possible where gas-inflate packers can't.

It doesn't get any easier than using the SWiPS® Packer:
1. Remove the inner barrel, then run SWiPS® in and latch into the core barrel.
2. Inflate SWiPS® by pressurising the drill string and conduct permeability test.
3. Latch on to tool using standard over shot, deflate packers by pulling up slightly. Once deflated, retrieve the packer, replace inner barrel and resume drilling.

STX-60 Well Testing Tool

The STX-60 has an integral down-hole shut-in capability and setting tool, enabling both more advanced permeability testing (e.g. IFO) and multiple testing in one trip. It employs a multi-cycle four stage valving mechanism that allows fluid communication to either, the packers, annulus, test interval or provides complete shut in. Shifting between different stages is accomplished by axial movement only - no rotation required. This multi-stage functionality enables multiple tests in a single run without pulling out of the hole.

What makes the STX-60 unique is it can be run on rods or through-the-bit in P and H sized wire line systems. There are modular single/straddle format with a wide range of packer options - including medium pressure SWiPS series and high pressure versions.