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HDD Tools & Trenchless Equipment

We work with leading industry suppliers to provide you with an extensive range of HDD tools and consumables that are renowned for quality construction, productive designs and value pricing. We stock everything below the rig to suit Vermeer®, DitchWitch® and Astec®/Case® machines.

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HDD Bits, Blades and Rock Tools

We stock a multitude of long lasting premium Melfred Borzall bits, blades and rock tools to suit your drilling conditions. Our range is compatible with all Vermeer® and Ditch Witch® bolt on patterns.

HDD Reamer

HDD Reamers

Versatile and Long Lasting , Melfred Borzall reamers get the job done. With features such as carbide cutters; carbide tipped teeth; integrated interior and exterior supports; slow tapers and spiralled fluting; replaceable cutters on some models and built with hardened steel.

HDD Housing Adapter

HDD Housings and Adapters

Melfred Borzall tools offer dependable quality and outstanding value with their side-load, bolt-on and thread on transmitter housings designed for DigiTrak transmitters and subsite beacons.

Transmitter Housing Adapters – designed for all Vermeer® and Ditch Witch® connections, our adapters can also be used with Melfred Borzall reamers. Extends the life of your ­transmitter housing, don’t throw away your housing just because the threads are worn out.


HDD Reconditioning Transmitter

 HDD Reconditioned  Transmitters (Sondes)

We provide a cost effective service to recondition your digitrak sonde so you can get the most out of your equipment. Every transmitter goes through a meticulous repair process where elements compromised by overheating and mechanical damage, and all components needed to ensure reliability of repairs such as: transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors, and resistors are replaced. All repaired transmitters are shock & vibration resistance tested as well as thermal resistance tested to simulate in-field usage. Every repaired transmitter is backed by a 100 day warranty, which exceeds factory standards.

HDD Rods

HDD Rods

Our suppliers manufacture the most complete line of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) tubulars in the world including all sizes of drill pipe for Vermeer®, Ditch Witch Jet Trac®, Case®, Astec®, and most other HDD rigs.

Drilling Fluids

MI Swaco is the largest global supplier of drilling fluids Customise a drilling program to keep your project on track optimising your drilling efficiency with minimal environmental impact. Providing a suite of bentonite and polymer drilling products specifically engineered for HDD applications.
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Towing Heads and Swivels

Once you use a Brewis towing head, you'll be hooked on the quality. Available in sizes up to a metre in diameter, Brewis Towing Heads have been the workhorse of the industry for the last two decades.
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Soil Displacement Hammers

Grundomat are the world's best soil displacement hammers for pipe and fibre installation. The Grundomat can perform accurate horizontal bores from 15 to 45 metres in length. 
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Jet Lube have developed specialised products that prevent galling , make up and general wear while inhibiting rust and corrosion.
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Breakout Jaws

We stock high quality breakout jaws and replacement inserts. Our jaw inserts are manufactured with American oilfield grade tungsten, a range of sizes and configurations are available.

Centraliser Systems

Kwik -Zip centraliser and spacer systems are used extensively in production drilling, trenchless pipeline installation, foundation and ground engineering applications including rock bolts, soil nails, anchors and sheathing. There are series of innovative models that handle bar /pipe diameters from 18mm (0.7") to greater than 1600mm (63"). Manufactured from high grade thermoplastics with a unique injection moulded segment design, kwik-ZIP are recommended by numerous regulatory agencies and International Engineering Consulting Firms. Kwik-ZIP maintains a focus on price effectiveness, simplicity and rapid on-site assembly to deliver significant cost, time and operational advantages to customers.


Pulling Slings

Constructed from heavy-duty, aircraft quality wire rope, pulling slings are

an inexpensive and effective way to hook up and pull 2 to 6 ducts at a time. Legs are replaceable.