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Thread, Valve & Industrial Grease and Lubricants

Jet Lube produce the industry's highest-quality, enviromentally compliant thread, valve and industrial grease, drill pipe compounds, thread sealants, EP greases, aerosol products, valve lubricants, and anaerobics for a multitude of demanding applications. The range is extensive, please contact us for a recommendation of the right product for your specific situation.

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Thread Greases

Jet Lube have developed a range of multi-functional thread greases where extreme pressure and anti-wear additives lock together to resist galling, seizure and downhole makeup. Formulated with a patented blend of high-tech polymers, graphite and other non-metallic additives, Jet Lube offers environmentally preferred alternatives to greases containing heavy metals.
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Jet Lube 21

Kopr Kote

Kov'r Kote 


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Valve Greases

We stock a range of general purpose and specific valve greases to seal against leakage and protect precision gate valves from scoring, galling and corrosion. Jet Lube have developed non-toxic formulations of high viscosity vegetable oils and polymers to assure heavy duty sealing and lubrication in a wide range of applications, partcularly where resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons or aqueous solutions is required.
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Ezy Open
Ezy Turn Body Fill
Ezy Turn II
Ezy Turn H2S
Ezy Turn II rtic
Ezy Turn 5
Ezy Turn 7
Ezy Turn 8
Ezy Turn 196

Drill String

Jet-Lube logo Drill String and Casing Dopes

The lubricating and anti-seize characteristics of Jet Lubes casing dopes prevent galling and wear by controlling friction in the make up of casing and tubing. Products with the ability to withstand extreme pressures without hardening or drying, ensure maximum thread engagement and optimum leak resistance, water washout and corrosion.
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API modified Kopr
kote Kopr kote
geothermal Kov'r
kote NCS 30ECF
Seal guard ECF Run
n seal extreme
Steam chief Z-50

Industrial Greases

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Industrial Greases

The Jet Lube range offers premium all-purpose greases that provides superior performance and protection to suit a variety of applications. Products that penetrate and form a long lasting protective films that will withstand heavy loads and will not run or wash away.
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Equipment Maintenance Products

We stock a range of products that efficiently lubricate, remove moisture and prevent rust and corrosion in a variety of industrial, marine, aviation and oilfield applications to allows the ongoing maintenance and the long-term storage of pipe and equipment.
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