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Fluid Testing Equipment

Fann Instrument Company specializes in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for measuring the physical and chemical properties of fluids, especially the measurement of flow and viscosity. Our product line is the most comprehensive offering of instruments and accessories for testing; drilling fluids, completion fluids, fracturing fluids, oilfield cements, and industrial slurries.

Blick Industrial is the regional distributor for Fann throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We stock extensively, and ship orders internationally. We are able to quote you on what you require and provide door to door delivery from the smallest parts through to their full oilfield services range.


Testing Strips

PH indicator strips are a crucial testing tool for optimizing your drilling fluids. Working with water that is either too acidic or too alkaline will prevent your bentonite from hydrating properly, so pH should be checked regularly, or when your water source changes. Our pH strips are simple to use, non-bleeding, and record the pH level from 0-14, with accuracy to 0.5 pH limits. For the purposes of drilling fluids it is best to record the result in 0.5 increments and add Soda Ash accordingly to bring the pH up to the 8.5-9.5 level required for a basic drilling fluid and 10.5 for a Drilplex fluid.

SofChek® Water Hardness Test Strips are a reliable measure of water hardness in 15 seconds. Total Hardness is measured in the range of 0 to 25 grains per gallon (0 - 425 parts per million). SofChek® Water Hardness Test Strips are packaged 50 to a bottle for professionals requiring a quick, reliable method of on-site testing. SofChek Test Strips also come individually packaged in cases of 250 and 1000.


Marsh Funnel Viscometer

The Marsh Funnel is a simple device for indicating viscosity on a routine basis. When used with a measuring cup the funnel gives an empirical value for the consistency of a fluid. The Marsh Funnel readings are only general measurements, but the frequent reporting of the Marsh Funnel viscosity will indicate changes in the fluid viscosity that could require corrective action.
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Sand Content Kit

Sand Content Kit No. 40001 is a simple, accurate and inexpensive sieve analysis apparatus for determining the sand content of drilling fluids.
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Slurry Test Kits

Slurry Test Kit Model 833 is a portable kit for measuring slurry properties. Achieve Lab quality measurements of viscosity, specific gravity, pH, water hardness, and sand content.
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Super Slurry Test Kit Model 833S is a portable kit for measuring the physical and chemical properties of slurries formulated in the field. Achieve Lab quality measurements of funnel viscosity and yield point, specific gravity/density, pH, water hardness, sand content, and filtration properties.
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Density Balances

The Fann Model 140 Mud Balance provides a simple, practical method for the accurate determination of fluid density. It is one of the most sensitive and accurate field instruments available for determining density or specific gravity of drilling fluids.

The Fann Tru-Wate Model 141 Mud Balance measures the absolute density of a fluid sample under pressure. This provides a slurry density measurement more closely in agreement with the down-hole conditions.
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Filter Presses

The Series 300 LPLT Filter Press is the most effective means of determining the filtration properties of drilling muds and cement slurries. All LPLT Filter Press Assemblies consist of a mud reservoir mounted in a frame, a pressure source, filtering medium, and graduated cylinder for receiving and measuring filtrate.
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The Half Area Filter Press can be used in the conventional manner, or upside down to make measurements free of settling solids. This unit enables a routine test that closely reflects the true filtration and wall cake condition of the hole.
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Rheometer Model 280 requires very little field maintenance, and is the lightest field instrument available for determining plastic viscosity and yield point. It is a hand-powered, two-speed rotational Rheometer designed specifically for field testing the rheological properties of drilling fluids.
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Rheometer Model 286 is a precision rotational viscometer designed for conveniently testing the rheological properties of drilling fluids. This Rheometer offers a variable speed mode which allows testing under continuous speed from 3 to 600rpm and a second mode which locks the speed at the required level for the duration of the testing.
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Rheometer Model ix77 is a coaxial cylinder type Rheometer designed to measure fluid rheologies under high pressures and temperatures with a high degree of safety. It was designed with oil well and geothermal drilling fluids in mind, but has applications in many other fields.
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Hamilton Beach Mixers

Hamilton Beach single and three spindle mixers are for general purpose mixing of drilling fluids in preparation of laboratory tests of mud materials. The three spindle model has independent speed controls for each spindle. These mixers can also be used to mix cement for field or laboratory testing.


High Temperature Aging Cells

Fann aging cells are used in the aging and testing of drilling fluids or muds. Fluids are mixed or sheared for times appropriate to achieve a homogenous mixture and then set aside to age. Aging is done under conditions which vary from static to dynamic and from ambient to highly elevated temperatures.
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HPHT Consistometers

The Model 290 High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) Consistometer measures cement slurry viscosity or consistency under elevated pressure and temperature conditions. Its primary function is to determine the maximum available pumping time of a cement slurry before the slurry reaches an un-pumpable consistency before setting. While designed for cement slurries, the effects of pressure, time and temperature can also be observed for other fluids, emulsions, dispersions, or slurries under static or dynamic conditions.
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