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Drilling Fluids & Drill Mud

To get the best performance from your drilling fluid or drill mud, Blick can provide you with the best support and advice. As we work closely with MI SWACO, we can deliver custom designed solutions and on-site technical support to ensure your drilling projects are as efficient and profitable as possible.

Water Well, Geotechnical & Mineral Coring Products


HDD/Trenchless Products




Max Gel
Max Bore
MI Gel
Kwik Plug Fine
Kwik Plug Medium

Filtration Control Agents

Platinum Pac

PHPA Polymers

Polyplus Liquid
Polyplus RD


Speciality Additives

Ring Free
Platinum Foam Plus

Mud Cleaning Equipment

MI SWACO offers a complete line of solids control technologies, comprising of shakers, screens, centrifuges, D-SANDERS, mud cleaners and fluid processing systems. Their integrated portfolio of cutting-edge solids control technologies are engineered to optimise drilling efficiencies by reducing fluid losses, minimising environmental impact, and reducing costs. 
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Mud School

Drill mud school

Blick and MI SWACO fluid specialists run nationwide mud schools to demonstrate how a managed fluid program can greatly enhance the success of a job.

If you, or your company would be interested in learning more about fluid programs and how they can help you achieve success on a job, please contact us today to discuss.


Marsh Funnel

The Marsh Funnel is a simple device for indicating viscosity on a routine basis. When used with a measuring cup the funnel gives an empirical value for the consistency of a fluid. Frequent reporting of the Marsh Funnel viscosity will indicate changes in the fluid viscosity that could require corrective action.
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