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Coring Equipment

Blick supplies a variety of high quality coring drilling systems and supports everything below the rig for all your coring requirements. We only stock recognised and quality tested products from reputable Suppliers.

All our coring components are compatible/interchangable across our Suppliers' product lines.

Bits and Reamers

We stock a variety of impregnated and surface set bits with multiple discharge configurations for varying depths and ground conditions...View impregnated bit application matrix


Core Retrieval Components

Full core barrel, back end and overshot assemblies, and/or all individual assembly components are available over multiple product generations...View Core Barrel Assembly and Overshot breakdown

Rods and Casing

Blick has access to an extensive selection of coring rods and casing in varying sizes to suit your needs...view coring rod size and weight chart


Tools and Accessories

Successful core recovery can require additional tools and accessories such as core boxes, casing advancers, carrot taps, swivels, hoisting plugs, wedges, subs and adapters...View Van Ruth Packers