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  Soil Displacement Hammers & Compressors

Grundomat are the world's best soil displacement hammers for pipe and fibre installation, with over 45 years experience in the displacement hammer field, no other manufactureer can match the Grundomats target precision.

With an experienced operator, a Grundomat can perform accurate horizontal bores to 30 metres. The reciprocating stepped-cone chisel head action of the Grundomat tool is unique because it hammers away at solid obstacles, rather than taking the path of least resistance. It's two-stroke action means that the piston's impact is concentrated on the reciprocating tool head for optimum boring performance and greater directional stability. >> View Brochure


  • House connections for gas, water, electricity, sewage, power, fibre.
  • Crossing underneath roads, railway tracks, rivers, gardens.
  • Pipe ramming, pipe bursting.
  • Vertical bores for foundation sheet piling, anchor bores.
  • Steel pipe extraction.


Rotair Petrol and Diesel Compressors

Rotair manufacture the VRK200 dual pressure compressor ideal for the Grundomat tools. The VRK200 has settings for using the Grundomat at 7 bar and blowing fibre at 13 bar(at 34CFM).

Running a honda v twin engine, the VRK200 is powerful but economical , providing high perfomance through consistency of pressure and the low maintenance of an industrial petrol screw compressor.

The VRK200 Compressor will service Grundomats from 45mm to 75mm and there are other options for larger sizes.

Grundomat Multi Cutting Cone Head 

Grundomat Crown Cutting Head

Hoses & Fittings

We supply replacements hoses and fittings available in multitude of sizes

Whip Checks

Whipchecks are a low cost easy to use safety cable that prevents injury when the air hose detaches